Putrefactive Disease. Putrefactive Disease. Putrefactive Disease, where to start dissecting this demo?
It is a hard task to get a clear vision and a healthy review written when the sound is muddy as the lake by my summer cottage.

I keep getting the idea that these boys really master their instruments but the technical aspect of recording has drawn complete blank. When Vocals are present they overwhelm the sound and at times a random sound just rises to power in the soundscape.
Based on this demo it is really hard to tell if there is any bass at all present on the recording as the highs take over. Guitar and drums are the shit you hear, specially in the higher pitches.

Sad to say I fear the technical skills of this band is being drowned in the lack of production.
You really canít say a thing concerning the music when itís barely audible through the reverbs and extra noise.

2Ĺ / 5