Lady Maggot is a collaboration by two Dublin based native Polish, Martyna "Moyra Noise" Hałas and Piotr "Niemiec" Niemczewski. According to the band bio both have had their respective share of bands and projects from before and the span of genres is quite respectable.

But enough of the bio and into the well... of music.

The music has a very distinct sound and style, where the ramming riffs build up the base for the songs and other effects fill up the soundscape to support the vocals. The instrumentation gives a heavy industrial like feel whilst also highly accessible and pop sensible thanks to Martyna’s vocals.
The symbiosis of the vocals and music generates a feel of layers upon layers of different movements and subsequent occurrences within the tunes.
Although the music flows seemingly well, the real pearl of the release is the vocals. At places the instrumentation falls into weird solutions as the strange rhythm breaks on “Love”.
But it is really in the final song Umbra where the duo pack their shit together creating something that is completely their own. The acoustic parts really create and atmosphere and sets the pace for material I will be wanting to hear more of.

... so never mind the flaw; Lady Maggot still leaves you hungry to see what a non-typical female fronted metal band has to offer on a wider scale. A definite strong beginning.

7+ / 10