For a young and fragile mind it was a death-blow when a friend pressed play and the revving bike sounds blasted from the speakers. It was that and the pompous “Warrior’s Prayer” that did it for me in my preteens. Even though I didn’t hear the album again for years, the testosterone filled music and flamboyant image haunted my mind.

Kings of Metal must be one of the definite metal manifests for my generation, but also the rise of Manowar’s distinctive style that they would perfect in the years to come. Most of the tracks are pure diamond and gold and many of the tracks are forever immortal heavy metal hymns.
Manowar did many things a young mind could not fathom, but still you knew this rules. The organs of “The Crown and the Ring” for example was something I had never thought possible.

Sound wise Manowar has always been on top of their game and always cranked it up a notch for every release, but even today Kings of Metal sounds quite descent. Say what you will Joey and the boys have always payed attention to the smallest detail and really made the music ‘perfect’, even to the point of turning it a bit soulless. However back in ‘88 this was not the issue yet. The album was made with a ’heart of steel’ and the atmospheres and feelings are real enough.

This is one of the classics that I always return to when going through my CD collection.
This is one of the albums that got me into metal in the first place.

8½ / 10