This one's a rare delicacy from Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh's leading man Luc Mertz. The sole demo of Yog Sothoth was originally released in 1994 but got re-released in '08 as a pressing of mere 25 copies. Now in 2011 the demo got a long awaited second re-release, and it even comes packed in a DVD-case. The pressing is again very limited, only 25 copies.

Onto the music. Luc's other projects have this far been easy to categorize under a certain genre, but I'm having trouble saying whether Yog Sothoth is black, death, thrash or punk. Maybe some kind of black metal would be the closest label. The songs are pretty straight-forward and melodic, armed with a raw and snotty guitar sound and primitive programmed drums. We don't get to hear any blast beat, though. Luz Mertz's guitar playing is of the crude type, as expected, and delivered with clear punk-vibes. The vocals are some kind of growls, but not as heavy ones as with ZBT. I'm moreso reminded of Luc's other project, White Bastard. In my opinion Yog Sothoth is stylistically closest to that project of his, even when the songs aren't as punk.

The sounds and overall soundscape are are decent when one notes that the demo was recorded in the early '90s. The songs aren't that memorable and the gloomy programmed drums are sure to divide opinions as well. I don't mind the drums being programmed, even though they're no match to real drums.

As a summary I must say, that if you like ZBT's music you'll surely like this release as well, because they share the same good and bad sides. I was left longing for more versatile riffs and drum arrangements. Even so, the demo's rugged oldschool spirit is so appealing, that I'll gladly listen to it to quench my thirst for bedroom-recorded metal.

3 / 5