Satanic mantras in a raw and dirty package. Devil’s Ferox is an ultimate bastard child of Black metal and straight forward Trash. It’s gritty right to the bone and you can feel the bones and cartilage under your soles.
If your an audiophile who hunts for the ultimate sound or a prog-freak who only bows down to technical perfection; Go jump in a well or something, this ain’t for you.
Bleeding Fist sounds brutal and homemade. The sound is low down dirty and grained. The tunes are simple and aggressive and work like train toilet (old Finnish saying). Vocals follow Black metal standards and are quite OK, but sadly the lyrical concept is left distant to me as no lyrics were provided.

The release is a definite display of War Productions’ standards, but sad to say the label is a bit homogeneous. This is however not the bands fault.
The material is strong, but it doesn’t leave me in awe. A certain wow factor would have been a good addition that could have excelled the release from ‘nice’ to ‘fucking amazing’.

7 / 10