This record presents nazi-punk from a one-man band. I'd guess this is some sort of hardcore punk, but there are influences from metal, even from black metal. It's a good thing that influences have been searched from other genres than just punk, but has it yielded success this time?

First off, the album's sounds suck. Maybe in punk it doesn't matter that much, but better sounds would've still been needed. They don't do justice to the instruments, which the sole member seems to handle well, with just a little fumbling. There's strong black metal-influence in the playing, even some pure rage with the guitar and drums, which is to be seen as a good thing. The vocals are a typical hardcore punk-racket, and does its part fairly well. The abundant use of samples caught my attention. The samples include clips from Hitler's speeches and explosions and other sounds of war. Anyway, they work well in creating an atmosphere for the record.

As a summary I must say that this one-man band could've done better. Things would already be a lot better if the overall sound was fixed and the minor fumbling was erased from the playing.

3 / 5