For the first time I am in the peculiar situation that I cannot describe adequately an album that I despite all find very pleasant.

The music is post-rock / post-metal with the occasional spice of harsh growls that sound very good. Otherwise most tracks are moving within different moods and atmospheres like most other representatives of the genre.

However Fading Waves distance themselves from the main genre on the track “Flashes” which in it’s first seconds give a feel of Theatre of Tragedy, then moves on to the atmospheres of Therion and finally some vocal melodies bring a feel of Ayreon.
The female vocals are beautiful and personally I would have wanted to hear more of them in an unique mix of gothic meets post-metal.

For once I feel a must to concur with the press release for an promo: ““The Sense Of Space” consists of experience which is hard to formulate or describe...”

8 / 10