Itís quite a challenge to review a release so short it hardly has time to create a lasting impression. You need to squeeze out all the juices from the material at hand and make the most of it.

With Inauspicious Slow I think I have a clear view of the aim, but their true potential remains in the shadows. The heavy distortion and slow riffs have a heavy feel to them. There is much insight behind the compositions but the ideas are way too compressed within the short songs.
Hands down, pulling off a killer groove in these short tracks is an achievement on any scale and furthermore when dealing with slow doom. Still Iím aching to know where the band would (and could) go with a 10 minute+ track. From this setup it seems like they ignite idea after idea and riffs just to show off their abilities.
Whilst the diversity is good, I would have wished for the band to let their ideas grow and take their time to develop the tracks.

All in all this MC-single leaves me hungry for a full-length effort where Inauspicious Slow can truly show their claws.

7Ĺ / 10