Forgotten Backyard is a French one-man industrial dark ambient project. It was born in early 2010, and has released (as official downloads) three demos, two full-length albums and one EP prior to this EP entitled "Waahn." The EP is meant to introduce the theme of FB's upcoming full-length album; a theme of returning home, a place with painful and tormenting memories - or a state of death.

This EP presents the foundations to the album's theme in the form of painful reminiscence and being haunted, and finally using substance mentioned in the track's title to create a near-death experience that eases the pain - if I understood the themes correctly, that is.

The world of Forgotten Backyard is industrial, lifeless and deserted, so the lack of "human touch" and warmth in the songs & sounds should come as no surprise. The song opens up with (and ends to) sounds of traffic and barking dogs, but otherwise there is no sign of life to be heard or seen. Aside of the samples, the song relies on low-pitch droning with a cold industrial edge, along with some higher "howling" notes and recorded metal beats.

I'll again sink to the sounds from a thematic point, as far as I've understood it. My guess is that the field recording-sounds in the song's opening and ending are the moments before and after the euphoria. The steps, metal pipe beats and weird snarling voices are glimpses of the actual world, and the suppressed memories and visions shrouded in horror.

The download (of high-quality files) includes a booklet with photos and writings, which might help the listener to better understand the main character's mental state that mixes reality with hallucinations and old memories. Pretty fancy for a download-release.

The artist's "Cerulean Wasteland"-album was more "visually stimulating" so to say, whereas "Waahn" is barer but built with more skill and a bolder vision. I hope that this vision carries through the upcoming full-length album, and that it'll evoke stronger emotions and more vivid visualizations than this taster-EP. The song's framework is simple and bare, and the few stylish pannings and field recorded samples aren't enough to make the song anything special. It's good, but nothing spectacular. The programming's source sounds don't boast with enough originality.

I really like the concept, stories and the deserted world behind Forgotten Backyard, and especially the themes behind this particular EP fascinate me. The downside is that, for me, the aural side doesn't rise up to their level. Hopefully next time will be different.

7- / 10