I haven't yet come up with a reasonable explanation to why a serious band would give themselves a name that stands for fossilized dung. Anyway. Coprolith was founded in 2001, and they've made one full-length and a handful of smaller releases since. This EP is their most recent one, and it was published as a teaser for their second full-length which is expected to be released in the fall of 2012. The mp3-promo does not include the booklet's design nor lyrics, and thus they can't be commented; frankly, I don't even know if the official download-purchase includes any.

The music of Coprolith is built on death metal's heaviness and rhythm-based riffs, but it doesn't end there. The songs have a dark, blackened atmosphere, and they range from downright violent blasting to melodic and melancholic moments. The first and third song most clearly showcase these both extremeties and how the songs build up from violence to dark melancholy, whereas the second song focuses more on heavy and dark melodies and slower tempos. The vocals are served as low growls and higher shrieks. Both of these vocal styles sound good, although far from original in the newer wave of black/death-bands. They seem to drown in the music, which keeps them from giving the songs the kick they'd need.

The band has a rather clean and modern soundscape, and it suits the melodic moments and their atmospheres really well. The problem is that they don't do a lot of justice to the fastest and heaviest moments; the triggered bass drums sound light and powerless, and the guitars lack the actual heaviness and rougher edges to give enough force to the heaviest riffs. These problems make the album sound flatter than it actually is. The compositions would demand more range and depth from the soundscape to unleash what they've got.

"Hate Infected" is a promising EP from skillful musicians, and shows many sides of Coprolith despite its too short length. The band clearly has a strong vision of what elements they want to include in their music, but as of now I think they're trying to include too many extremes into a single song, which makes the songs lose their basic structure. If this spine of the songs was adjusted correctly and the problems with the soundscape fixed, Coprolith might be a damn good band. The feel and atmosphere is there, just the basic forms need adjustment.

6+ / 10