Hiroshima Vacation is a pretty new grindcore duo from Ithica, New York. Their first demo was released in 2010. This tape, released in 2011 by DIY-Noise is their second release.

The cover art is a stain-like figure on black and white. The inlays in general are pretty simple, but on this release it really does not reduce interest in the record. There's no explanation for the figure presented, and only the necessary information is included. The simplistic style is actually pretty intriguing.

The tape starts out with a noise intro. After that it's just ferocious and straightforward grinding spiced up with some slower, dare I say, "mosh parts". The songs are not the most memorable ones ever, but they do pack a punch. Most of the songs have several parts in them with a lot of cool riffs and nice transitions. There are some irregular and spazzmic guitar parts scattered through the tape to keep things interesting. The vocals are delivered by both the guitarist and the drummer. Both high and low screams sound alright and they never monotonous.
One thing I also want to mention are the blastbeats. They sound spectacular.

For a band with just one guitar and drums Hiroshima Vacation have achieved a really thick, heavy and enjoyable sound on the tape. All of the elements are mixed pretty loud yet everything is clearly audible.

I can't really fit Hiroshima Vacation into any specific sub-genre of grindcore. They've established their own sound but haven't perfected it yet.
In any case this tape is a really entertaining piece of mayhem and I can't wait for the band's next release.

8- / 10