The Metal Archives-site says that Morito Ergo Sum consists of half Swedes and half Italian metalheads. This EP is just the band's second release, so we're talking about a rather fresh band.

The band's thing is gothic doom, with emphasis on the doom-part. The goth-side is especially visible in the vocals, and quite a lot in the lyrics, too. The songs are heavy and oppressive, as it should be in doom metal. The guitar- and bass-working is slow and crushing, and there's a few solos as well. I found the compositions to be successful, and the song structures are interesting. The excellent sounds do justice to the heavy songs, and especially the drums have been crafted to sound really good 'n' heavy.

The songs are about the so-called darker sides of humanity, and I think this atmosphere is delivered well. Especially the song "This Selfish Act" stuck in my mind, and not least because of the good lyrics. The vocalist can emphatize the dark lyrics really well, although I would've wished for more diversity. Some more aggressive touches here and there would've been to my liking.

I think Morito Ergo Sum made the right call in releasing an EP, as the record's length has been kept compact and there's none of the so-called filler material. If something has to be complained about, it's this; the songs would've benefited from more memorable stand-out moments and hooks, since none of the good songs stand out as a better one over the others. Even so, I consider this EP a strong effort from a relatively new band, and I'm hoping that new material will be released not too far in the future.

8 / 10