The Finnish group Porco Dio was founded about two years ago, and now present us with their debut demo-EP. The band is currently planning on recording their first 7", so while you're waiting for that one, you can buy this tape for the ridiculously affordable price of two euros + postage.

The tape offers eleven minutes of fast and furious hardcore a'la Finns '82, with some crust and d-beat blended in. The songs are short and simple, but have a good amount of variation and small twists (such as suprising fills and discords) so that they won't become dull. The soundscape is rather mushy and damp, so it can take a while before you start to really make out the riffs and beats. This is not a problem, though, as the soundscape makes the tape sound more chaotic and original. The female shouts cut through the chaos, which gives the otherwise messy tape a good amount of structure and dynamics.

The lyrics comment on environmental issues, modern ways of living, greed, anxiety, hatred, and society giving people a monetary value. The commentary is pretty sharp and rough, which fits the music really well. The only problem comes with half of the songs being in (bad) English, or moreso them being poorly written and less to-the-point. The band's message comes through more effectively when delivered with their native language. The visual side mocks Christianity with its sleazy drawings of pig-people, which are similarly bold and harsh as the lyrics at their best. Can't complain.

The tape presents and eager band with a hunger for more. There's just a few problems, in addition to the clumsy English. The soundscape would need some extra harshness and edges to really punch the listener's face in, as now some of the riffs can't give their all due to the soundscape softening them. The actual playing would need more intensity and pure rage, and the same goes for the vocals: no holding back. There are a couple of sloppily played short bits that stick out, flattening the songs' kick and the tape' overall level of chaos.

All in all, the demo-tape is a promising one, and I'll surely be buying the band's upcoming 7" when it gets released. The band just needs to boldly take their craft further.

3½ / 5