Beauty and sluggish brutality will take you over and fill your soul with sadness and tears. A monolith which marries melodies and melancholy into an almost seamless whole.
Execution is minimal and effective. Slow flowing and dooming.
Moods and atmospheres are woven together and decorated with fine details.
For almost 48 minutes you can sit back, close your eyes and let heartbreak and sorrow wash over you.

A dense rug of synthesized sounds cast a spellbound atmosphere to strengthen the audible scape. The occasional growls crave attention when utilized. Continuous beautiful guitar melodies leave ghastly shadows over your mind. Percussion and bass performs as a crushing alliance of heaviness ramming everything in sight.
The outcome is an even front that gains ground with ferocious efficiency.

It craves skill and conviction to bind together a 47+ minute track, but this time the artists should have thought twice. The one track concept brings no additional value to the sound sculpture save curiosity for a lengthy one track release.

7 / 10