There is simply no information available about this CD-R; no members, no release year, no lyrics. It's a Finnish band that plays d-beat, and I'm only guessing when I say this is the group's debut demo and has been released this year. Who knows.

There isn't much to talk about here. "Sulle Ei Jää Mitään" spews out five similar songs in eight minutes. The band's style is very bass-heavy and simple, almost primitive D-beat with a nicely raw but clear soundscape and nasty croaks as vocals. The songs are of the same length and have similarly fast tempos, and neither the riffs or beats have any originality whatsoever. No worries though, as the core basics are on a good level, and the songs' boneheaded simplisticity and good drive keeps the demo pleasing for its short length.

The band's overall sound is dirty, aside of the simple guitar solos which have a cleaner sound. I wouldn't have minded if the solos were more over-the-top, either too fast or noisy perhaps, as now the demo is too ordinary. Everything works, but the repeating song structures and very similar rhythms, solos and choruses just scream for the band's sound and concept to be taken further. Pretty much everything could've been taken further and tied together into a package with way more character, instead of settling for a safe and eventually disposable result.

The band is named after the chairman of Nokia, and the lyrics are a sarcastic and humorous commentary on the lifestyle he represents. So, the band's theme is a very narrow one, which makes me question whether this demo will be the band's sole release and was it made just for the laughs, or is there more material to be expected. I wouldn't mind hearing more, as the band's unoriginal expression brings out the core basics of D-beat and coats it in bassy filth, and as such it has possibilities for greatness. It just needs more effort.

3- / 5