Come To Get Her is a Belarusian punk rock-band, and this is their debut EP from the last days of 2011. It was self-recorded and -released, and is currently available as a CD-R (no idea whether it's pro-pressed or not), as well as a free high-quality download.

The band plays melodic punk rock that sounds very American, which surprised me a bit. Nonetheless, the songs are good and very melodic ones with poppy choruses. The EP was recorded at the band's rehearsal place which shows through the instruments sounding a bit thin, but otherwise the soundscape is professional. The small amount of roughness in the sounds makes the band sound more vivid, which is a lot better choice than sounding too polished. The songs range from fairly light and cheery ones to dreamy and melancholic ones, and the sixth song is an acoustic ballad. The whole package is pretty much coated with fragile emotions and a lot of feeling, making the band seem very honest.

Everything about the band is on a decent level, aside of the vocals. The leading male vocals sound a bit powerless, as do the female ones in "Be My Dream," and the lyrics and their delivery make me feel like the band could work more on their English or switch to using their mother language. I'm not sure whether it's the language that's the problem or was it the recording equipment, but the vocals are a bit too insecure to do justice to their melodies.

"CTGH" is pretty capable at what they do; the songs have a lot of variation and additional gimmicks that make them seem more original, such as dropping off the bass or guitar here and there, or delivering a well-placed drum fill. However, the vocal department doesn't manage to give the songs the topping they'd deserve, and the band's influences can be heard way too easily through the songs. If Come To Get Her had sturdier sounds, more boldness in the compositions' twists and growth, and a stronger vocal section, they would already be a lot more convincing. It's a pretty decent EP, but the songs owe way too much to their American inspirers to make me feel excited.

6- / 10