Itís a tough one to admit to one self that we actually live in a great day and age music wise.
There is of course always the patina of the mind saying that only the music from our childhood is worth listening to...

... but in this day and age you can find anything with some spare time and a good search engine. I mean ANYTHING your sick perverted mind can cook up.

Also when going through music to review Iím sometimes amazed by the homogenized material that gets sent in, but this time around the initial feeling was a positive surprise.

Arctic Plateau arrives at the scene with a fresh take on post-rock mixing it with pop-sensible indie rock. The first listens gives good vibes about the music, but in the process of absorbing the music you notice it has very little to grasp.
The sounds are pleasant and the melodies are beautiful but not at all memorable, the album simply does not leave any clear mental traces. What it does leave on the other hand is an positive and good feeling.

Arctic Plateau is like an beautiful scenery painting, but all painted in pastels. It lacks the punch and the killer hooks to get you nailed. Perfect Harmony just isnít enough this time around.

7- / 10