There are some things in the world that don't really change, and Noituus is one of them. The trio has been blasting out their noisy lo-fi crust since '05, and have released a bunch of CD-R-demos and one tape-EP since. This is the first time Noituus is available on vinyl, aside of some older compilations.

Noituus' previous EP "Mögäten Maailmanloppuun" was the band's first proper studio-release, and this is the second one. The sound is still nicely fat and well mixed (unlike some of their demos which had a very unstable and crackling sound), but there's still been some regression when compared with the aforementioned tape. The sound is a bit heavier and darker, and the damp feel has been replaced with plump but harsh bass-rumble and a layer of sharp static distortion that follows it in the background. The drums are steady and hissing which suits the raw bass perfectly, and the vocals are the same as always; hoarse and high-pitched screams, shouts and shrieks that fit the chaos perfectly.

The songs themselves are around a minute long pieces of fast, grainy and distorted crust with verse/chorus/verse/chorus-type of compositions and simple but fittingly messy riffs and fills. There are some different songs, though, such as the second-long burst "Tuhkaus," the longer piece "Ihmiskunta" and the album's fastest and most chaotic song "Taivas Ei Vastaa." To generalize a bit, the EP's A-side presents the band in it's most basic form, whereas side B brings some additional variance and little surprises to their recipe - one of the biggest ones being the slower opening of "Ihmiskunta" that gives a spot-on fitting breathing pause before the following song's straightforward blasting.

I criticized Noituus' previous EP for having cruddy and even stupid samples, but this time around I can't complain about them either. The samples relate to their respective songs, be they either spoken bits, sounds of war or pigs' squeals, and they're kept very short so they don't start to sound boring even after numerous listens. The cover arts are hugely improved as well: they're hand drawn instead of being quickly made collage, and suit the record's partly humorous approach on serious topics.

The lyrics talk about climate change, animal rights, war and its casualties, god's non-existance and humanity's doomed future, with "S.M.F." describing the fans of Noituus - with their ears bleeding black blood. The lyrics are over-the-top and concisely to-the-point, and thus suit the music perfectly.

This EP presents Noituus at their very best. The songs are raw, simple, variant and effective, and should leave no questions about what the band does best. The 7" is of perfect length, too. The songs retain their power and the whole package doesn't begin to sound dull even after many listens; more on the contrary, I kept flipping the record over and over as it kept ending too soon. A good buy for sick crust-noise-freaks.

9+ / 10