Persus Kristus ("Arse Christ") was founded in early 2011 to play hardcore punk a'la Rattus and Terveet Kädet. This EP is the band's debut release, released in December of the band's founding year. "Mä Lähden" is meant to showcase the band's style on a wider scale, whereas their next release is meant to focus more on the oldschool-worship.

The first and fourth songs are simple hardcore-pieces, and thus also the easiest ones to get into. Yet, as stated earlier, this isn't all the band has to offer. "Kusettajat" switches between a bit slower blasting, weird and discordy jamming, and some faster bits with choir-shouts. The three-minute "Kierrän Ympyrää" has the clearest riffs of the bunch, and at first the somewhat heavy mid-tempo churning seems a bit off on the EP. The song is a good piece of dark crustcore and the riffs aren't half bad, though, and the faster and lighter mid-part along with the song's finish justify its place on the record. It sounds like a good song to play live. The finishing song switches between light jamming with a weird prog-rock-feel and a full-on hc-chorus. If the verse's loud spoken vocals didn't annoy me as much as they do, this song would be a good one as well.

The studio-soundscape with no echo or feedback is quite confusing. It doesn't sound bad as such and it does have a lot of character, admittedly, but when noting that the band plays off-key (drunk) punk with little precision or musicianship involved, the sturdy sound seems a little off... or perhaps it's meant to be an extension to the band's reckless and provocative attitude? Either way, I think the songs would work a lot better if the uncontrolled guitar- and bass-work would have a sound that supports their natural fumbliness and bounciness instead of a one that tries to flatten and minimize them. Yet, as said earlier, it does sound provocative and fresh.

The vocals are served as one or more male shouts and howls wandering around the songs' surface, and similarly to the instruments, I think they would've worked better if they had a more natural sound. Their drunken rage and uncontrolled nature suits the songs and adds character to them, though. The lyrics are rather childish and basic, but fit the drunk racket.

This one is for those who like to be pushed and don't keep their headwear too tight. From the cover artwork to the music, soundscape, lyrics and vocals, the band basically oozes care-free incitement and irritation. To me, it seems the band is still in their early steps and thus have a lot of work to do in finding their own sound and style of expression and in tightening the handling of their instruments. Also, they should employ a rawer and more natural soundscape to create a greater effect. This EP demonstrates all of the band's different tendencies and influences, so perhaps a live- or a rehearsal-recording should be considered to show the band's basic expression in its truest form?

... but chances are, I'm just taking this EP too seriously. For fun-loving drunk punks.

5½ / 10