A veil of darkness lowers over the soundscape where rumbling lows and piercing highs create the whole filled with gloom. A hoarse growling voice proclaims truths that leave all else behind.
While the innocent bystander still feels intimidated the proclamations lose their power quite fast.
It is all a question of balance and here ...balance is lost.
Too much of one element will cause the naive listener to focus on other things. Interest and intimidation fades. The darkness makes way for the sunny daylight to shine over us and wash away the fears and the gloom. You are not required to reinvent the wheel, but to restrain the atmosphere.
The excessive use of growls kills the effect that sparse and varying utilization could uphold.
The dry soundscape gives the clear high guitars sound an edge like nails on a chalkboardand there is no escape from it.
Still, no matter how the puny mortal views the facts, the music is captivating on its own account.
The humble servant can only state his last request: For the next ceremony, let the music breath and donít choke it under the growls.

8- / 10