My first encounter with Putrefactive Disease was not what you would call awe-striking, but now the band is back with a vengeance and a will of steel to prove me wrong. Well maybe it’s not a personal vendetta, but sounds of the bands first studio recording speaks a crisp and clear language.
The fact that you can actually hear the details of the playing is alone an improvement by lightyears to their last demo.
Now you hear the real amount of musical talent within the band as they play with tempos and hooks to keep their songs interesting. The music is aggressive but is still packed with a good groove to go along. Of course the songs are a bit rough around the edges but that is only natural for a young band and in ways it suits the overall image.
Still all instruments have sapce around them and fill their spots perfectly.

Re-Animated is packed with an aura of danger and aggression. Sadly though, I have no idea of what the lyrical themes are. Song titles like “Butcher of the Weak” and “Crypt of Decayed” does indicate at some morbid themes going around.
My biggest beef is now with the growls that feel sub-par and way too monotone in comparison with the actual music.

7½ / 10