When a record opens with ominous bell tolls you hardly know what to expect. Will it be a cliché packed bundle or something else? The bells are one of those alarming clichés that you really don’t want to hear at all, but this time around we’re all saved by the bell.

Secrets of the Moon actually reminds me of a multiple bands, still avoiding the obvious trap to sound exactly like any of them. Incorporated to the music we have power-thrash in the vein of early ‘Iced Earth’, elements reminding me of vintage ‘Paradise Lost’ and something of their own. Everything adds up in a quite unique mix that still doesn’t reinvent the wheel.
For the genre fetishists out there this album will cause some trouble as mr.Critic here is in serious trouble with pinpointing a definite genre for “Seven Bells” but people shouldn’t really care about that, just enjoy the music. The Gothic, Doom and Power-Thrash all walk together in perfect disharmony toward an unlucky sunset.
Brutality and aggression leave ample space for breaks and many of the songs contain really catchy choruses, although none of them are singalong material.

Quality and intent can be recognized throughout the album and the songs are all well balanced with different elements. “Seven Bells” is versatile, while everything is following up on the red line.
It’s hard to guess where the band will take their mixture next, so I’ll just sit down and have a drink while waiting.

8- / 10