In the melancholic crossroad between gothic and doom a Wedding in Hades is held.
The music is romantic but contains a dark twist that seems to indicate fatality. The question at hand is “how fatal?”

Going back almost 20 years to my youth, the shining edge of this type of music would have been “Velvet Darkness they Fear” from Theatre of Tragedy and back in those days I would have loved to get my hands on this. Now at the pinnacle of my life thus far, Wedding in Hades is too little and too late for me.
In difference to many romantic bands Wedding in Hades operates mainly with only male vocals.
Both the clean vocals and growls do their job and fit the music.
“Misbehaviour” is fairly produced with an ample sound and everything sounds great.
Whilst the music is perfect ‘muzak’ to drinking red wine in candlelight, it doesn’t wake the will and emotions to make mortal love on satin sheets in front of a roaring fire.
In other words Wedding in Hades fails to connect with the listener on an emotional level. This is a great lack in music of this kind.

All in all Wedding in Hades is on a right trail, but something is missing.
I don’t know if it’s the band who lacks ability to transfer emotion or if the production adds a coating of wax over everything, but something is lost in translation.

6+ / 10