For those of you that do not know this band, :Of the Wand & The Moon: is the neofolk works of Danish musician Kim Larsen and various guest contributors. It's mostly acoustic, singing about the emptiness of our lives. The music is usually structured around a rather catchy guitar strumming and whisper-like vocals.

The Lone Descent continues the trend started in it's predecessor, Sonnenheim. It uses samples, and there's generally and overall more TO listen. The vocals have evolved from actual whispering into a more 'sung' style, and honestly, if you like Sonnenheim, you're going to love this one.

In the earliest albums of :OtWatM: a lion's share of the songs contained little else than strumming of a few chords and whispered vocals. The difference to those early works is stunning. The Lone Descent uses a lot of samples, similar to the album Sonnenheim, as well as synths and violins along with other instruments. The songs are more varied, and more alive than before.

Although catchy, the songs still have that Kim Larsen-sound to it. Dark and demanding, I'd say. Songs like Sunspot and A Pyre of Black Sunflowers can even get stuck into your head, and that's quite a feat for music of darker ambience. Then there's those songs that lyrically are rather depressing, but are composed to be rather cheerful, a fine example being We are dust. I can't tell wheter it's sad or funny, but being happy about being just a tiny little dust in the corners of this massive universe seems like a peaceful thought!

Even with the wondeful writing, both musically and lyrically, it wouldn't be true Of the Wand and the Moon without Larsen's mysterious vocals. Soothing as always, he's singing a lot more than whispering. But why compensate that fact with so much echo? Larsen has a fabulous voice, but it's echoed to the point of being blurry at some points. With this kind of musical talent being put in to the writing, it shouldn't be tarnished with echoes blurring up the soundwaves.

It's a steady continuation to what Sonnenheim started, without sounding so much like Death in June. I recommend you pick up this album, fan of neofolk, and I can almost guarantee you'll like it.

8½ / 10