Kädettömät Runkkarit ("Armless Wankers") is a young trio from northern Finland, and this is their debut recording. As two of the songs are about alcohol and one's simply a "fuck off" dedicated to a political party, the band's name and artwork are what they are, and the rehearsal tape lasts for under four minutes, it's way too easy to form up an initial premise of the band being some horrible drunken joke.

Admittedly, I was surprised that these one minute long songs are actually pretty good - although they're certainly not of the most serious nor high-brow kind. The opener is a fast and simple crustcore-piece, whereas its follower has bouncier bass-lines and a slower, almost groovy chorus to balance the hardcore-riffing. The third song switches between fast and messy blasting that goes beyond traditional hardcore punk and a section based on calm, clean guitars and slow paces. Then comes an abrupt cut-off and the tape ends.

I'm a sucker for rehearsal demos, and I'm glad I got to hear this one. Even the damp ghettoblaster-recorded soundscape is decent, as even though it severely drowns the guitars, the bass and drums sound just right and the shouted vocals are loud enough - although I think they should be harsher. The drunken lunacy meets actual rage, disorder and tradition-worshipping compositional capabilities in a way that makes no sense - and just because of that, the tape has a lot of charisma and appeal. It smells of chaos and disregard for the inevitable next morning with its hangover vomit.

As far as the critique towards the band's songwriting skills go, this is just a too short snippet for me to base any valid comments on. I must repeat that I fancy rehearsal tapes more than many, so I have my doubts on many people finding this one worth their time. If the band were to record a, say, 10-15 minutes long tape of rehearsal- or demo-material, I'd definitely be interested to hear it. Maybe then they could better redeem the vague promises given through this tape.

2½ / 5