This group was founded back in 2005, but it was in 2007 when the band became a more serious effort. The newly found zeal resulted in a twelve-song demo in 2008, and eventually to this EP in 2011. The band's played about twenty gigs since their founding, and are currently looking forward to making a follow-up recording in the not too far future. This 7" was released as a pressing of 300, and it should still be available from some distributors.

White Tears play absolutely traditional three-chord hardcore; the songs last for one minute, use the traditional verse/chorus/verse/chorus-formula, and are as fast, angry and played as intensively as you'd expect from a young group of punks. The overall sound is harsh, powerful and raw, but by no means lo-fi. The vocals are served as low shouts that stand out from the music in a good way, and the hate-filled lyrics' pronounciation makes them rather easy to follow.

What makes this 7" so good is the skill these traditional songs are delivered with. The one-minute bursts are intensive with no slacking, and have just the right amount of variance to be interesting as individual songs, too. The "twist" might be a short bass--melody or a brief guitar solo, a short break for the drums or a rhythm-reliant section. These are just small adds to the songs, but make all the difference when thinking of the songs' appeal and re-listanability, as well as showcasing the band's dedication and skill.

The visual side is top notch. White vinyl, black-on-white sleeve with hand-written text (even on the center labels), and a fitting Mob 47-tribute on the covers. The lyrics being hand-written makes them a bit difficult to read here and there, but they make sense after a bit of intensive staring. Thumbs up.

Even though the EP is of all-around good quality, it didn't fully satisfy me. The songs are great, but somehow the final punch to the face is missing. The short length is one downside, too, even though the EP stayed interesting despite flipping it over and over. Even so, I'll gladly recommend this EP to all fans of traditional hardcore punk, and I'm waiting for the band's future releases with great interest.

8+ / 10