From what the world wide webs tell me, “Black Sun Rising” is a reissue of a 2009 cult classic.
Personally I’ve never heard of this band or release before, so I’ll just review this as a new release, OK?

Naumachia put you on your knees and pray for forgiveness as the heavy chugging guitars and rumbling bass roll over the deserted future fields of sound. High in the sky flies the weird rhythmic hammering of synthesized sounds and even the occasional melody... god forbid.
The music is violent and the sound strengthens that notion by sounding dry and underlining the weird patterns of electronic sounds.
The drumming leaves ample air into the songs but the overall feel stays harsh and aggressive. Also the vocals underline the violence and bloodshed with the harsh growls piercing your ear drums.
Also the lyrics follow the above concept of violence but also raise dystopic and apocalyptic issues. There even seems to be hints of perverted masochism hidden in plain sight within the lyrics. (Needless to say that pornographic ideas always gain points from me.)

Naumachia contains tons of good ideas and elements, but at the same time fails to reel in the big fish. Many sections remind me of “...and Oceans” and some of the quick electro sequences remind me of the frantic Norwegian “Shining”. Both of these are positive recollections, but the music could well be more ‘over the top’ and insane.

7˝ / 10