I already wrote the basics about Burt when I reviewed their compilation, but in short, the German band plays thrashcore and this is their first 7"-release. They've released a live-split with Klutz since, and are now planning a split with KSM40.

I had great expectations for this 7" based on the aforementioned compilation, and all of them were redeemed. The samples have been left out to make the EP more ass-kicking and consise, and blasting through six songs in four minutes is just the right length for the EP to retain its punch. The sounds are clean enough to keep the fastest blasts becoming an entangled mess, but still raw and crisp enough to give both the fast grindpunk-riffs and the few slower ones the force they need. The shouted vocals are hostile, and keep from becoming too monotonal because of the guitarist' lower growls added here and there.

The visual side is dark and simple, but also rather dull and thus quite unlike the music. The clear vinyl with the band logo printed on the B-side is a really nice add, though, so it ain't all negative. All the lyrics are included, but they're in German so I can't comment them.

There's very little to be said of a release this short, and because of the said length and the music's fast pace and high intensity it might take a while to notice its quality - but this can be fixed with a few consecutive spins. The EP isn't perfect, but it's a damn good display of thrashcore done right, and it being so short ensures that it stays full-on energetic from its beginning to the abrupt end. I'd definitely want to hear an another EP from Burt.

8½ / 10