Kaktus is an up'n rising band hailing from the ever so exotic mecca of metal music, Finland.
The band has decided to proclaim their holy liturgy in their native tongue, but this also stands out as a con... let me get back to that point later.
The music itself is ultra technical and relatively straightforwardly aggressive which results in a series of no-breathers and continuous blasting. Iím not saying the material is monotonous, only that there arenít many pauses to catch your breath from the eyeless rage, psychopathic angst and socio-critical statements.

The decision to sing in Finnish sadly results in the band being described in one of two ways.
1) A cheap rip-off of Finnish megastars Stam1na, but in all fairness this is mostly due to both bands playing technical metal accompanied by Finnish lyrics.
2) A super-technical death-thrash-prog band filled with highly potent musicians.

The punchline for this joke is the fact that bands like this have a hard time to distinguish themselves as independent entities with original ideas. My guess is that Kaktus will hear Stam1na (if the lyrics were in english insert Strapping Young Lad here) references to their death.
Overall the whole concept is highly degrading towards a band of this caliber prior to their first full-length release.

My only beef (notice the gangsta lingo) with this EP is that the songs could have more variations in tempo instead of relatively ongoing rage throughout the songs.
Lighten up dudes (!), this place isnít all that bad... still, meet you in hell. PERKELE!

7Ĺ / 10