Metasoma is a refreshing wind in the overtly technical music field of today. Their music is free rolling and groovy, but it also sounds quite familiar even though Iím not able to pinpoint it.
Itís clear that Metasoma borrows where it can to make up a cocktail to call their own. The music is both a homage to their idols, but also something of their own.
To bottom line the style; this is the soundtrack to beer drinking!

Save the hard grooving riffage the vocals are the highlight of this EP. The vocalist Amro shows diversity and power in using his voice. Most of the 5 songs are driven by a slightly nasal, hoarse, rock vocal that leaves me quite unsure how to feel. The nasal borderlines on irritating, but never the less the vocals works as a whole.
Amro has a killer sense of melody that shines brightly throughout the vocal melodies on every track.

Itís quite difficult to write more about this band as the music is so straightforward rocking.
Bang your heads and drink the fucking beer tilí you drop... or throw up.
Nuf said.

7+ / 10