The whole Gothic movement must be one of the widest subgroups ever. The 50/50 split between post-punk esque goths to the vampire worshiping lace and suede styles makes the innocent bystander more than confused. Of course we forgot the more modern top-to-toe black clothed emo wing of the goths... but letís leave them to their own fate this time around. The only common denominator between each individual that calls him- or herself a goth is the worship of beauty and regard for nature. Itís all in all a rather hedonistic and exhibitionist movement - at least under a quick glance.

The goth culture on the other hand is not one to be reviewed here, but a Gothic rock album so letís dig in.

Sileneís debut album is at first glance a rather repulsive display. The coverart with snuggling goth girls is something that could have caused erotic fantasies in my teens, but now it just feels wrong. The sexual effect of the artwork is by no means inviting. As the music starts spinning the coverart makes even less sense, there is not a hint of eroticism in the music either. Pardon my french, but what the hell? If you have snuggling cute girls on the cover you should at least have a hint of pornography in the music also, ainít I right? The music is left bland and distant on the first spin. It enrages me that music could be so underwhelming. The following spins sadly did nothing to improve the setup. Sileneís Goth rock - pop combo is well smoothed and polished not to offend anyone. The music flows well in from one ear and disappears without a single trace. 45 minutes later you know you heard something, but have no clue as to what!

In all fairness, the playing is good and the vocals are ok... but the songs are futile.

The salvation of the album is the final song (Silence (Clubdub Mix)) that actually wakes something inside of me. The danceable dub version reminded me of Líame Immortelle in a good way and I would gladly have listened to an full album of dub mixes. The original rock versions arenít bad, they arenít good either. The rock versions are just tasteless, scentless, dull.

5+ / 10