What started as a side project seems to have become one of the main musical outlets for these Finnish fellows. "Wheels of Babylon" is Slash Dementia's fourth creation, released after two demos and the splendid full-length "Race Against the Machine" by Torn Flesh Records as a high-quality download with a two-page booklet containing all the lyrics. As an useless bit of extra info, this was actually the first record I heard in 2012 as the band first published it by themselves on the first of January.

What this EP offers is hostile, aggressive and violent grindcore. Short 'n' simple. It continues on a similar path as the "R.A.t.M."-album, but focuses on the faster and heavier hostility without an as dark undercurrent. The crunchy and heavy string-section is as professional as the drum-thumping, and the growling shouts sound splendid as well. The EP has some breathers in the form of some slower parts, the nice guitar solo in "Break Away" and the following song's rocking riffs, and these moments (along with the EP's short length) make it an easily digestable and tasty record.

What's wrong with the EP is just that: everything on it is good up to the well-placed backing shouts, but it's all rather conventional and lacking ambition. For me personally, "Wheels of Babylon" seems like a thirst-quencher until the band records something more proper, solid and strong - and the dull cover artwork only strengthens this image I got. Other than that, it's a great record to get to know the band's expression's basics, and a tasty piece of good-quality grindcore. It's just far from the greatness this group is capable of achieving, as demonstrated on the twice aforementioned full-length album.

In this case, less wasn't more.

7 / 10