(Psychoparalysis) is a Finnish death metal band that was founded in 2009, and "Escalation" is their third and currently newest demo-release.

The first thought that this demo arose in me (or actually the second, right after "why does the band's name have parentheses?") was that the band shouldn't be doing demos anymore. (P)'s brand of music is operates within the lines of twisted swedish death metal of the '90s, and is comparable to older works of Dark Tranquillity and Amorphis (notable through the twisted, groovy and technical guitar leads). There's some Bolt Thrower-influences too, which are especially easy to spot in the heavier mid-tempo parts and their drum work.

I'm not going to drag this review any further since there's very little to criticise. The dry growls aren't as powerful as they could be, but as such they fit the band's both technical and heavy music perfectly. The stylistically and tempo-wise pleasingly varying songs are ambitious and both crafted and delivered with skill, and although you can hear heavy traces of the band's influences, they are so many and different that "(P)" sounds original enough. Even the lyrics have actual content and message in them, and the sounds are professional but harsh enough. I repeat, this band shouldn't be doing demo-releases any longer.

As a negative factor, the band has a lot to do on the visual side. The cover arts practically scream out the words "dull demo!" which is obviously far from the actual music's feel. Other than that, I hope (Psychoparalysis) keeps on testing their skills and boundaries while tightening their expression, and thus continues creating quality death metal. They could have more originality in the sense of a more recognizeable and cohesive style, but I'm fairly confident these issues will be taken care of before their first full-length album gets released, as in the album-length the different ends of their spectrum can better support each other. Thumbs up.

5- / 5