Autopsy Night is a Russian death metal-quintet that was founded in 1996. Despite being active for such a long period of time, this is (according to the label's infos) just the third full-length for the band.

"Born to Kill" is a traditional death metal-record to the boot. The soundscape is harsh but sturdy, the gurgly growls are muffled and their morbid lyrics inaudible, t and there's an (really stylish and seemingly hand-painted) image of a tortured woman on the cover. The songs revolve around the mid-tempo, and are stylistically a more brutal and simplistic version of the old American Death Metal legends' early works; for example old Deicide comes to mind, just played slower and heavier...

...which is exactly where this album falls short. The songs are all-around decent, but rather monotonal and focus too much on the brutality while lacking appeal and variation. Some higher shrieks and briefly passing high-pitched guitar leads appear every now and then, but even they seem too planned out to make an impact or to create any actual element of surprise. There are some really pleasing moments, such as the faster and very rhythmic title track, but overall the album is too bland.

Autopsy Night presents an album that's all-around decent, at times even really good, but eventually sounds way too safe and monotonal - and its level of quality droops too low at times. However, it has what it takes to make a really enjoyable death metal-album if the band takes the album's best moments further and refines them into jewels, which is why I have positive expectations for the quintet's future.

6+ / 10