First of all, a BIG thumbs up for including a download code with the vinyl version! My record player is not really in working order, and this came as a godsent gift. And really, in this time and age, that's something that should be done on a regular basis. No more huge workloads painstakingly ripping those vinyls, I like it.

So, I got the vinyl, and I got the songs in .FLAC format. I'm not terribly experienced with the genre, but I had pretty high expectations, seeing as how nice they were live. And I was not disappointed. At times I wondered what the songs would sound like with a guitar playing as well, but I concluded they would not really gain anything from it. It is currently in the form of a rumbling bass, clear drums and really well balanced vocals. Admittedly, it's a good sound.

The songs are action-packed and short, in a typical HC punk manner. Some, like Tykitti kaljaa ja kuoli, offer a humorous take on the lyrical side, whereas Lapsensurma, Parasta ennen and Kylmät raiteet (to mention some) are of the much darker side of life. Kylmät raiteet, while being the longest song on the EP, is also the most diverse. The other songs are not that different from each other, but is that even a necessity? Either way, the coolness of the bass is a little underplayed. Bass is a wonderful instrument and you can do so much more with it than create massive basswalls, which is what most of the songs do, with Kylmät raiteet offering some great insight to what it also can bring.

It's a very solid EP, with a unique sound to it, and I like it.

8+ / 10