This EP is a release by our writer Kenneth K. If you think that makes me way too biased to express my opinion, you can stop reading this review e.g. now.

The first two EPs of Morbus Gallicus were released back in 2004, and it took until 2012 for this solo-project to make a new one. The first EPs sounded just plain dull, usual and at times horrid to my ears, so I was rather suspicious about "P.G.C.F." before I heard it.

The eight years have seemingly brought more skill and, more importantly, a lot more vision to the artist. The songs are a chaotic mess of simplistic, sharp and crude mid-pitch guitar distortion that rules over everything else with its noisecore-y riffs. Behind it lies an interesting and oddly powerlessly bouncing bass with simplistic and repetitive patterns and jerky, quickly made and rather weird drum programming that keeps on arising surprised thoughts.

Naturally, there's some occasional growled shouts amidst all the distorted blur. Based on the song titles, you can see it either as a good or a bad thing that you can't make out a single piece of the lyrics from the gruff grunting.

Four minutes might be a short length for an EP, but the short song lengths and the overall amount of lost control and reigning chaos make sure that the pummeling and confusion hold a tight grip over the listener for the whole brief period. It starts as abruptly as it ends, and the staggering journey of sudden breaks and one pretty neat bass solo is certain to evoke opinions and emotions. It's fun, weird and annoying at the same time - and the same applies to the stylish, weird and somewhat psychedelic cover artwork and the bonus comic. They add a whole new dimension to the distorted mess and are overall something I rarely see - and this is a free download-EP we're talking about here.

There's a lot of options on where Morbus Gallicus can continue after this brief EP, and I'll be waiting to hear more. I'd gladly welcome some more variation and boldness outside the boundaries of traditional distortion-slaughter, inaudible growls and un-riffs. Perhaps more length would be in order, too. Even so, this EP is a very nice taster with a lot of personality, and certainly demonstrates a huge leap ahead from the two previous EPs. More, please!

7+ / 10