There it lies. A hand painted cassette cover containing the brand new Unamed release. What am I to expect of this after years of following Kenneth’s different projects ranging from lo-fi tape loops to epic instrumentations? Unamed lies somewhere in between, being a pure black metal concept, with roots tapped strongly in the Norwegian vein.

Ugliness, stripped down, screeching guitar mayhem and mind melting vocal sickness did not enter my ear canals this time when pressing play on my old piece of shit tape machine. Instead I was greeted by clear beauty in its purest, albeit rawest form.

The latest Unamed is all about repetition and simplicity. The sounds are stripped but a new element can be spotted on this third release, namely progression. The soundscapes grow exponentially introducing the element of chaos into Unamed’s body of work. Kenneth sings in Swedish and lays out sonic dissonance and insanity as the cassette cycle winds 360 degrees. The beauty lies in repetition, taking away focus from the insane lyrics (if you happen to comprehend Swedish), making the voice more an instrument than a channel for messaging.

The release is split into two parts "I min ensamhet härskar jag" and " I naturligt tillstånd". Both sides set out to touch nature as element and perhaps the nature of a fragile mind being torn apart. The schizophrenic approach offers an interesting contradiction. Can ugliness be turned into beauty? The mix is dry as tinder and the sounds clear and hollow, as cold as razor blades in a fridge, giving the release a very inhuman feel. It almost as if Kenneth is reaching into some other, twisted dimension, summoning sonic horrors too profound for most.

To release this material as cassette only is basically insane. In this format, it’s almost impossible to acquire. On the other hand, the approach is as elusive as the source material. This feels as second nature of Unamed.

I recommend you to look up older Unamed releases and try to convince Kenneth to share his vision to a wider audience through a wider format. Then again it wouldn’t be the same thing, now would it? Easiness and approachability has never been a state to strive for in the world of Unamed.

8½ / 10