This jukebox-style single presents two brand new songs from the rock-punk-group Atom Notes. The songs are included on the CD-pressing of the group's debut album "Spare Parts" as well, but this single is the only chance you currently have to get these tunes on vinyl.

If you've heard the Spare Parts-album, you can expect more of the same: brief songs with a great flow that rock forwards freely. They have a nicely rugged but clean and somewhat vintage soundscape that has "organic" written all over it. Even the bass has a nicely bouncy sound and room in the mix. Pure excellency. The silkscreened covers are a great and stylish add too, especially since they share the style and colourscape of the aforementioned "Spare Parts"-LP.

The two songs are light but sturdy rock'n'roll with a strong undercurrent of lighter punk rock. They have some darker and dramatic nuances alongside the surf rock-influences to keep the songs from being too light or easy on the ears. It's all done with a great sense of style and, despite their short lengths, the tunes include a lot of variation from bass-driven parts to traditional rock-boogie. The emotional but manly vocals have gotten more skilled since Atom Notes' debut, too.

The songs don't hit the bull's eye, but are damn near of doing so. The single is easy and interesting enough to be listened numerous times in a row, but something still seems to be lacking. My opinion is that the songs could've lasted longer and their structures and themes taken further. As an other option, perhaps a song more per side would've risen this single from Good to Great?

Anyway, this single should surely be enough for you to decide whether you want to buy the "Spare Parts"-LP or not. I bought it.

8+ / 10