Picture a scene, just close your eyes and paint your scenery black. With black I donít mean a dark shade of color, but complete lack of light. Pitch-black darkness.
Now, when this is done you place yourself in some small locked room together with the ultimate darkness. Your only companion is your imagination, everything around you is solid concrete.

Now, press ďplayĒ.

Something, best described as a maniac fax machine, starts with an irregular rhythmic beeping... someplace else resonance sounds.
A curious character starts proclaiming his violent vision. He sounds like a crazy crossbreed of Gollum and an angry toad.
All kinds of deluded sounds fill the soundscape.
Screams and screeches, more of the manic fax machine. Sounds that remind me of printers gone mad, manipulated and distorted.

This is some crazy shit if I ever heard it, but itís also effective as hell.
Donít listen to it alone in the dark... or what the hell, have a ball!

6 / 10