Hidden Walker / Apotheosis Psychoerotica is cold electric storms, brooding clouds slowly gathering on the horizon, a red sun slowly burning out beyond the eons of space, the old ones slowly awakening from their icy cages of eternal sleep.

Luna Dopa navigates in lukewarm waters whereas Emme Ya concentrates on the darker niches of the soul and offers sonic soundscapes for end times. The first mentioned even adds a couple of beats to the droning, offering the listener a solid rock to climb onto in this ever-tumbling sea of consonance.

This release is in essence yoga music for Lovecraftís creations or Barkerís Cenobites. Black leather and exposed muscle fibers expanding on some last beach after that final nuclear war. The sounds are clear, but a consuming darkness is lurking behind every note and loop; very soothing at times, but mostly quite unsettling. The split is perfect soundtrack for psychological horror. The mysterious approach and esoteric background of the acts add extra interest to the project. Is someone opening portals between dimensions through sound waves?

Itís extremely hard to grade music of this sort or even decide which act is the stronger. Itís like giving points to sunrises or the ballet of falling leaves. The music simply is and does what itís supposed to; evoke mental imagery and a strong emotional impact is indeed captured on this release.

In a certain mood Hidden Walker / Apotheosis Psychoerotica is the perfect soundtrack for almost anything. On the other hand it may just sound like hum on others. The best way to find out oneís own stand is to listen closely. Maybe a part of you is in there somewhere, between those filters, pedals and monolithic soundscapes.

x / 10