Autuus is a new(ish?) crust 4-piece from Finland. Totaalinen Autuus is their first release to date. This pro-printed demo tape includes 9 songs and about 10 minutes of thrashing crust.

The majority of songs are straightforward and fast and have that scandinavian feel about them. I've heard tons of bands like Autuus but who cares?! This tape sounds great! The musicianship is way above average and the demo is quite well produced. The soundscape is not too noisy but packs a punch and the songs sound really agressive.

The lyrics are about the horrid state that the world is in today and the daily struggle of living in contemporary society. Most of the lyrics are just a few lines per song which i like. Simple yet striking. I also like that the lyrics are written in finnish.

The cover art is the weakest part of the release. The inlay and the cover art don't really support each other and the artwork looks a little rushed.

Fans of fast and ripping hardcore should definately get this tape and keep an eye on future releases!

4 / 5