Avantgarde death doom.... holy shit! The whole genre specification sounds way too good to be true. If the description holds even partly place this could turn out to be one of the greatest things ever. I repeat, EVER!

So letís push play and see whatís in store for us today.

As often things that seem too good to be true are just that. After the carnival type organ beginning the avantgarde part is taken care of and the rest of this EP is Death and Doom taking turns until the ordeal is over.
After multiple listens I still canít find any footing in the songs. The lack of catchy hooks or logical structure makes the music difficult to follow and memorize. Of course times like the irrationally cool organ beginning, which is one of the ultimate highs of the release, leave traces in your mind but otherwise the violent Death bursts or the suicidal Doom riffing blend together as a mush you really donít reminisce.

The problem isnít talent or the ideas, but the simple songwriting.
While listening to the release everything sounds good, but once youíve spinned the ordeal through there is nothing that drives you to do it again.

6- / 10