Every now and then I get confused.
Rhythmic noise would be something to confuse me, specially in the case of Stoerfaktor.
Most elements are distorted as the title implies, but the beats and feel of the release is solely aimed for the clubs.
Believe it or not, Distorted Music 4 Distorted People is an upbeat release filled with party music.
The rhythmical resonances and distorted drums build up an strong backbone for the songs and make up a clear continuum throughout the whole. Spoken samples season the mix to give it more dynamics and a dramatic arc.

The album canít be dealt into hits and misses as the material is though strong also very homogenic. None of the material really stands out as a beacon to light the way, but the concept as it is provides us with the redline to follow.
The tracks are thought out and the elements complement each other to make out the complete experience.
As stated before, this is party music, but unlike the billboard top 100, this music will stand time.
Much of this due to the thought out nature of the music.

What Iíd like to hear is more insanity and flipping out. The music seems at times almost too calculated.
Clubbers will anyway have one hell of an album to shake their asses to.

7+ / 10