I honestly donít know much about this band. I got this cdr from a friend of mine who knew just as little. The inlay provides no information except a contact email and the lyrics. I know nothing except the fact that Vargtimmen plays hardcore in the vein of Integrity. NOTE: The demo has 2 separate mixes of the same two songs so real length of the material is only about 4 and a half minutes.

The cover art is pretty simple and raw. The front features the bands logo and a picture of a wolfs head. The back has the song names on top of the holy terror logo.

I like the production on this demo. All of the instruments are very clearly audible and there is a good balance between them. The soundscape and especially the drums have that old school vibe about them. The bandís playing is a little all over the place at certain parts of the demo but they keep it together throughout the songs. The unpolished sound has a very nice charm to it.

The songs are pretty basic hardcore songs with their thrashy verses and breakdowns. Even though the songs arenít the most imaginative (which shouldnít even be that big of a factor in a hardcore record) the bandís hasty playing and catchy riffs and choruses keep things interesting.

The lyrics are about existential anguish and just the shit we have to endure from day to day. Thereís a lot of parts you want to shout out loud with the vocalist and the vocal performance is one of the strongest parts of the demo.

I like this release a lot. Itís raw, and minimalistic and packed with charm you couldnít get with a more polished production. Unfortunately the demo leaves you feeling like there should be just a bit more there. I guess this can be counted as both a strength and a weakness. Anyone interested in obscure hardcore should contact the bands email which Iíll post here since I havenít found any other source of information about the band or a way to buy the demo: vargtimmenterrorist(at)gmail(dot)com

2Ĺ / 5