Holy shit, these guys mean business. Now with business I don’t mean business like Metallica does it. Hävitys slams their songs against your face like a bucket of nails.
This is the authentic sound of aggression and shit hitting the fucking fan!
The material owes homage to early hardcore punk and it does so with pride.
There is dirt and filth in the sound and that’s just the way it should be.

What really stands out about Hävitys is the raw honesty and aggression. In the musical climate of today where overproducing albums is the strict norm it feels liberating to hear music that just goes back to basics.
One of the coolest elements on “Ei Paluuta” is the dual vocals that strike you both high and hard while adding the extra flavour to the music.

While this type of music is balancing on the verge of my comfort zone, I still have great regard for what these guys are up to.
I really hope to see a full-length album from Hävitys even if the 7” format does suit the concept way better.

7½ / 10