Noise, ritual drone, tribal noise, post-folk, new age, psychedelia and experimentalism. A beloved child has many names and definitions and love is a part of every one of them. On the other hand you also have a shitload of taunts for someone you hate... but in the end my introduction has nothing to do with the actual subject, for in my hands I have another insane split release comprised of band I have never heard about.

The Big Drum In The Sky Religion:
I really don’t know what to say. The complete songs seems to build upon one single melody cycle that works as a spine for this composition. The repeated pattern is spiced up with various elements and noises such as speech samples and percussions and whatnots.
The spine sample turns hypnotic after a while but afterwards you feel naked, violated and butt-fucked in the brain.

Color Rabbit:
The second entrepreneur, Color Rabbit, mixes up beautiful ambient with insane sample masturbation, but wait! This isn’t all, as there is also some crazy horn and percussion improvisations to really mess with you.
One thing’s for sure: Color Rabbit doesn’t leave you any easy way out.
The elements themselves are nothing short of brilliant but as a whole the pieces are way too scattered and the influences are in no way interconnected.
The flow is just way too loose.

Endometrium Cuntplow:
And finally we reach the third band of this three-way deal (threesome, but no double penetrations here!). Endometrium Cuntplow showcases some rather basic minimal feedback and distortion based noise. Of course there are other elements introduced along the ride but, unlike some other participants on this split, here they are kept in check.
You might count it as either a pro or con, but the finishing trio is maybe the easiest part on the ears compared to the first two bands, still the minimal approach bears something to my liking.

All in all this menage trois is an interesting biopsy on different methods to fuck up peoples brains and displays efficient methods on making innocent listeners ears bleed. All this is said with a healthy amount of awe and respect of course!
In the end however the split really doesn’t treat you to anything truly mindblowing which turns out to be something of an anti-climax. I was hoping for something truly spectacular.

7+ / 10