There is always something cool about receiving creepy promo demos from bands no one has ever heard of. What’s even more cool is when these demos actually cash in at the register and work, sometimes even better than some full scale release. Yes some of the homebrew demos are actually good and beyond.

So now we have at our hands the first demo from Fecal Fetal, which is something of a tribal influenced, semi-acoustic noise outfit that also carries some folk elements. The songs are mostly short, grindcore length, bursts of whatever noises have been fitted together.
I must applaud Fecal Fetal for making an album which is so thoroughly scattered when talking of the elements used to build a whole, but at the same time everything is perfectly tied together soundwise. The audio aesthetic is impeccably whole and spells out DIY in great shiny capitals!
The incoherent instrumentation contains (among others) kantele, static noise and household items. Hell, even coffee drinking is featured here.
The release also contains some sporadic vocal displays, but we are speaking indistinguishable growls, grunts and frog-like croaks.
Fecal Fetal is the textbook example of what you can do with an exceptionally large dose of imagination. With this said, maybe you shouldn’t do everything even if you can, but that’s straying from the actual topic.

So as said this feels and sounds like an ultimate DIY release, but taking the style into account this can be either counted as strength, or a norm. Bottom line is that the keyword for “Painful Invocations is inventive, but Fecal Fetal is still in definite need to refine its style in order to find that famous red line.

3 / 5