Wasara (which translates to "hammer") was born in 1999, and ceased to exist in 2012. This album is the band's third and final full-length.

Heavy, harsh and at times doomy death metal flows forward hand in hand with clean, melodic and melancholic leads. Acoustic guitars and traditional folk-instruments (such as the accordion) pop up here and there to support the slightly ethnic and at times downright brutal riffing, making sure that the overall feel and taste of the album stays stylish, skilled and melancholic. Everything falls to its natural place and displays the immense amount of care and dedication that must've been used to craft this album into such a solid and seamless whole. Some tracks are purely metallic and some all acoustic, yet everything sounds like the works of a same band. The album flows forward without major interruptions.

The vocals range from melancholic clean ones to truly deep growls - which might sound familiar to you in case you've listened to Corpse Molester Cult. Same as the riffs, they range from near the brutality of death metal to catchy leads and melancholy, and to somewhere in between. Even though the album is in Finnish, it shouldn't be difficult to be affected by the moods and atmospheres that the songs deliver.

There's very little to complain about this album if you're a fan of heavy melancholy, and like or at least tolerate ethnic vibes. I haven't heard any earlier works of the band, but this is one good swansong in any case.

9+ / 10