This 7" is currently the second newest release (the newest being their split with Black Sun) by the Finnish group Throat, whom we recently interviewed here. It was released as a pressing of 330 copies by Kaos Kontrol, and should still be available.

The 7" presents two heavy, menacing and discordy pieces of noise rock. "Prison Shower" relies on the slow and discordy verses' contrast to the faster, heavier and steadily rhythmic chorus with low and commanding shouts as a tasty topping. The chorus has a hint of catchiness, but mostly it focuses on delivering distasteful filth and annoying noisiness upon the unsuspecting listener - and does it well. The song sounds anguished, tormenting and plain good. I would've wanted the contrasts to be taken further, but perhaps that would've made the song too pleasurable.

"Pet Peeves" is both different and similar to the A-side's piece. It shreds forward on a faster pace, and is driven by a twisted and rhythmic verse that's sure to get you stomping your feet. It's a simple song that gets disorder from its low shouts of hate, until its end approaches with its screeching feedback and general sludge-ness. Similar to the A-side, this one's really good, but somehow left me feeling that it could've been taken just a bit further.

A record for your dearest friends and most loathed enemies, and one that's sure to make you flail and jump around like you had ran out of your brain-meds a week ago. An extra high five is given for the simplistic but really stylish visual side and its disturbed colouring. Buy it if you hate yourself.

8 / 10