This limited and professionally pressed split-tape unites two Finnish death metal bands: Axeslaughter and Necrolepsy

Axeslaughter continues from where they left off with their songs on the Sunface-split: three songs of brisk-paced oldschool death metal with a lot of attitude. The soundscape is a bit more muddy and grainy than on the aforementioned split, which does the songs' feel and gruff growls a lot of justice. Don't get me wrong here; the soundscape is far from bad, it's just pleasingly harsh and the heavy basses give the songs a lot of punch.

The songs vary nicely from each other, but are still easily recognizeable as the works of the same band. The first two songs are of the band's traditional style of fast and heavy death metal with a coating of filth, whereas the third one's a groovier and more rocking piece - understandably, since it's a Led Zeppelin-cover. It's a nice cross between the original tune's composition mixed with the band's brand of death filth, so even though I'd rather listen to Axeslaughter's own material than this cover, it can be called a successful one.

Other than the band's side being too short to deliver a long-lasting impact, there isn't a lot to complain about here.

Axeslaughter: 8 / 10

Necrolepsy's side features a six-song rehearsal recording that overall doesn't differ that much from the band's earlier demo. The songs are short bursts of early '90s Scandinavian death metal with rumbling basses and low-tuned guitars, grinding drums and echoing vocals from a dusty cellar.

If you're into old death metal demos, this one's a heavily recommended buy. The songs range from grind-bursts to slow and doomy churns, and it's all done with style. Some people might feel some aversion to the tape due to its very raw and hissing sound, and granted, the songs would benefit from a slightly cleaner soundscape. But, this is a rehearsal recording, and as such it's a splendid one.

Necrolepsy: 8+ / 10

Shortly said, this tape is a recommended buy to all oldschool death-freaks with a fetish for raw soundscapes and traditional riffs. It has a very limited pressing of under 100 copies, so you should hurry if you want to obtain a copy. Extra credit is given for the splendid cover arts.

8+ / 10